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EXPERT: FAA Says Hammond Air Show Not Possible

27 Nov

by Ken Davidson

Rudy Malnati, CEO of Midwest Air Shows, Inc, spoke exclusively to the Gazette today.   Malnati makes it clear that he looked at every option to bring the Gary Air Show to the Whiting/Robertsdale area.  “The FAA requires a 5 mile ring which makes the Whiting location impossible if you have jets or military aircraft” Malnati said.  Even without military aircraft, the required 3 mile requirement could not be met according to Malnati.  “We looked at every possible option . . . believe me, I would rather have it in Hammond.” He said.   Malnati manages air shows for Chicago, Milwaukee, and Rockford.

These comments echo the statements of South Shore Convention and Visitor’s Bureau President and CEO Speros Batistatos.  In a conversation, Batistatos made clear the choice presented to him was not Gary or Fair Oaks.  “The choice was whether we would have an air show or not” Batistatos replied when asked about the decision to hold the event at Fair Oaks.  “I would love to keep it on the lake . . . Marquette Park (in Gary’s Miller section) was designed in no small way to accomodate the air show.”  The public-private partnership with Fair Oaks will provide the best event according to Batistatos.  “Fair Oaks is a local business that is globally recognized for innovation.”  He stated.  

Batistatos admitted that he had not thought about public transportation prior to being asked on a radio show about the issue but replied “We have worked with Everybody Counts in the past.  Trustee Frank MrVan and Everybody Counts have cooperated to get people to events [such as the Lake County Fair].”  When asked if local parking and public transit could be  a way for local communities to capitalize on the event Batistatos replied “I am open to any conversation about making this event a success.”  “We are an organization of action.” He concluded. 




Councilwoman To Take on Incumbent in Gary

7 Nov

by Ken Davidson

The Gazette has just confirmed that council member Kimberly Robinson will take on current Calumet Township Trustee Mary Elgin. While walking out of the Mayor’s office tonight, Robinson responded affirmatively when asked if she would challenge Elgin in the 2014 primary. Robinson was then seen speaking with a reporter regarding the issue. Sources say she may not be ready to announce at this point but the conversation was overheard by many.

Elgin is finishing her third term as Trustee and has come under heavy criticism for the high administrative costs associated with the office. Last year, Indiana passed House Bill 1585 which required the Trustee to cut the budget to 12 times the statewide average for townships or Griffith would be allowed to leave the township. Elgin recently submitted a 2014 budget that did not even address the mandate to reduce spending.

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