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Husky Owner Says Neighbor Wanted Her Dog’s Pelts

19 Jul

Kara Michalic spoke to the Northwest Indiana Gazette tonight. As an animal rescuer, she is appalled that the Crown Point police shot two beautiful animals. The dogs, 3 1/2 year old sisters named Atka and Kenai, were family pets who had never shown aggression. Kara explains that they were with a family down the street from the incident just minutes before. That family gave them water and in exchange received affection and kisses from the pets. The Gazette has verified this via email and hopes to speak with that family tomorrow.

A review of the police report indicates that David Hawn, the property owner, demanded repeatedly that the officers “kill the coyotes.”  The police report also indicates that the dogs were not acting aggressively.  After the shooting, Mr. Hawn apparently called the Veterinarian who received the murdered animals to state that he wanted the animal pelts.

Kara explains that her stepfather was trimming trees when the dogs escaped from the gate. Google Maps shows the area as a residential area, bounded on one side by the Erie-Lackawana Trail and a nearby baseball diamond. Lots are in the 1/4 acre size range.  Given the proximity of the bike trail, the baseball park and a golf course, it is arguable that the discharge of weapons is criminal.  Questions remain as to the nature of the threat to human life and less lethal forces which could have been used.  Did the officers have tasers?


The Gazette would like to hear from you.  Do you believe the officers were justified in discharging their weapons in this instance?

UPDATE:  There will be a vigil at 8:30 tonight at the Crown Point Square.  All are invited to attend.