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Mayor McDermott Attempts to Quash Investigation into Campaign Finances

6 Dec

by Ken Davidson

In a filing with the Lake County Election Board today, Mayor McDermott, by his attorney David Westland, asked the board to dismiss the complaint filed by Eric Krieg. You will recall that Krieg filed a complaint asking the board to investigate payments of over $300,000 from the campaign to the Mayor’s wife; non-payment of rent to Pyramid Development Corporation for office space; and a one-time payment of $6,000 to David Woerpel from the campaign.

In the filing the Mayor states “there is no substantial reason to believe that a violation of election law has occurred.” The Mayor argues that Indiana law does not require a written contract between a candidate and his wife for payment of services to the campaign. In support of this argument, the Mayor cites the fact that the advisory opinion was never codified and the statement of Brad King, co-chair of the Indiana Election Commission, which was obtained by The Times of Northwest Indiana for their article on the issue.

As to the rent issue, the Mayor argues that rent was paid and the Board should not look to the fair market value of any such agreement. Finally, as to the one time payment to David Woerpel, the Mayor points out that the payment was made three weeks before his arrest and states that Woerpel performed services for the campaign. The nature of the services are not outlined in the reply.

The Gazette would like to hear your thoughts. Should the Election Board investigate the above issues?
You can read the full response here:
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Van Til Rants About Air Show, No Word on Corruption

26 Nov

by Ken Davidson

Fair Oaks to host South Shore Air Show

South Shore Air Show moved from Gary, IN to Fair Oaks Farms.

Only in Lake County, Indiana does an airshow warrant a comment from a politician facing numerous felony counts for abusing his position. In a facebook post, indicted yet still working county surveyor George Van Til criticizes the South Shore Convention and Visitor’s Bureau for moving the Air Show from Gary to Fair Oaks Farms for 2014:

The Air Show is not about whats good for Lake County, its citizens and taxpayers. Its about the massive ego t of Spiros (sic) B. that constantly needs to be ministered to , his continuous financial advancement into the upper reaches, and his lust for power. He is so very insecure so he has picked fights with so many Public Servants through the years, to try to massage himself, along with his relentless self promotion in the media, NOT the promotion of Lake County! Last I looked his contract , with unreal perks was at 168,000 yearly, plus a car, plus all the fuel, plus unlimited food reimbursement here and in Indianapolis for his girlfriend there, unlimited dining with legislators , night after night, year after year and anything else he feels like to advance HIMSELF ,The mohey is probably much, much more by now .Now the pig has come out of the poke. ! He has snaked our elected Mayors, and slapped them and every citizen of our county , we pay him, what a quarter million dollars a year, to spend huge amounts of our money to promote himself, big bussiness, and couhties south of here, Using our money to hurt our county and cost us losses. Mayor McDermott you are so rightvon (sic) this one, All other Mayors join hands , asPublic Servants against this self serving self promoter who desperately wants to become th Tourism Czar of all of Northwest Indiana or more. ? Combining area efforts might even be a good idea, done right, but it will NEVER work or nefer hapoen until Spiros (sic) is GONE. Too many people know him too well, and now with his newest Flyin Pig Circus his crass opportunism is open for all to see. ? And theres so much more, personal , political, financial thats coming out now if he pushes. Talk about time for a change! Its today.

Logic tells us that, if the Chair of the Democratic Party wanted the Air Show in his city, it would be there. Apparently, logic has no place in the thinking of George Van Til as his rant appears to indicate that Mayor McDermott was somehow left out of the loop in this decision. If George Van Til has anything worthwhile to say, maybe he should save it for his change of plea hearing. He may get a month or two off his sentence.

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The Times Staff Reads the Gazette

11 Nov

by Ken Davidson


Mayor McDermott likes to warn people not to get their news from an “online news source” but apparently the staff at The Times does just that.  Once again The Times has picked up on one of our stories without giving us any credit.  Those who follow the Gazette will remember that they reported on the Hammond Police Officer’s house shooting about a week after we did.  They sort of picked up on the Cal Ripken comment story a  week late also.  Never mind that they SPONSORED the event and actually heard the comments.  They didn’t think it was news until we reported it.

Now they are picking up on a story third-hand without providing credit to The Gazette or CNET.  The Times reported today on the LG G2 theft in Gary as if it was their original crack reporting that broke the story.  To make matters worse, they even pilfered the original CNET theme of a possible delay in launch of the phone due to the theft.

Cancel your subscriptions folks, we don’t charge a dime.


A Little Democratic Humor for You

30 Oct

by Ken Davidson


Seems Rich James has forgotten who pays his salary.  Yesterday he angered Lake County Democratic Boss Thomas McDermott by saying he sounded “almost like a republican.”  McDermott, who actually used to be a republican before he decided it was easier to win as a Democrat, fired back via Facebook:

Rich James calls me a Republican in today’s column. This type of protection, of the status quo, is to be expected of an old guard Democrat, like Rich James. Some people would do anything to go back to the glory days, even compromise their values. For those that speak up, off with their heads! Either that, or just label them a Republican

For purposes of full disclosure, I have to admit that someone sent this to me.  You see, Tom McDermott, who heartily criticized Governor Pence over deleting Facebook posts, deletes any Facebook “friend” who disagrees with him on anything.  His page is a veritable love fest of city employees and democrats who live outside the City of Hammond.

No worries though Chairman, James jumped right back into line today and wrote another peace, love and harmony article about your hand-picked Mayor of Crown Point.  No mention of the fact that Aaron McDermott sits on Crown Point’s Economic Development Corporation.

Lake Area United Way Raises $4.973M in 2012-2013 Campaign

30 Jul

(Griffith, Indiana) – The Lake Area United Way announced Thursday it raised $4,973,000 in its 2012-13 annual campaign, topping its $4.7 million goal. Leaders of the community impact and fundraising organization said it was one of the most successful campaigns in recent years.

The results were announced by 2012 Campaign Chair Aaron McDermott, president of Latitude Commercial Real Estate, at a news conference Thursday afternoon at Horseshoe Casino in Hammond. John Kennedy, director of business development, American Structurepoint, Inc, served as Campaign Co-Chair. Both serve on Lake Area United Way’s Board of Trustees.
More than 300 companies ran workplace campaigns and over 7,500 individuals contributed to this year’s campaign.“It has been inspiring for me to see so many people, companies and members of organized labor care for our community and give back,” said McDermott. “This campaign was a success because so many chose to get involved and give what they could.”
“The success of this year’s campaign means United Way and its 31 member agencies and regional initiatives will enhance our results-driven work in the important community priorities of education, income stability and health,” said McDermott.
Contributions are reinvested to support United Way’s work in three key priorities: giving every child an opportunity for a great start on life and keeping youth on track for success; expanding income stability for low-income families; and providing access to critical health services.

According to McDermott, thanks to supporters of Lake Area United Way: 

 More newborns will receive in-home visits by trained and certified parent-child educators to make sure kids get a great start in life and are prepared to enter kindergarten ready to learn;
 More teens will graduate on time and are prepared for work or to pursue their college goals;

 Seniors will have places to gather;
 People with disabilities will be able to live and work more independently;
 Victims of abuse and their children will be safe and free from harm;
 And more of the hungry are fed.

Funding recommendations are made by dedicated community volunteers who carefully review agency budgets, participate in site visits, and closely evaluate funded programs and outcomes.“’Living United’ means being a part of the community and working together to pool resources to maximize impact. Strong community support makes it possible to accomplish more together than any one person or organization can do alone,” McDermott added.

LAUW Board Chair Jeremy Miller, regional vice president of Centier Bank, credits McDermott and Kennedy’s youthful energy, creativity and leadership along with the support of hundreds of workplace campaign partners and volunteers for the campaign’s success.

“United Way is a community organization, driven by dedicated community volunteers who understand the importance of United Way’s mission to advance the common good to achievemeasurable results and to improve lives,” Miller said.
“Our community owes a debt of gratitude for the leadership of Aaron McDermott and John Kennedy. Their commitment to our community truly inspires broad and deep support for Lake Area United Way,” added Miller.
For a complete list of Lake Area United Way’s 31 member agencies and regional initiatives, go to:  http://www.lauw.org