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Margaritas Flow Again at La Carreta

21 Nov

by Ken Davidson

The Gazette has confirmed that La Carreta mexican restaurants in Merrillville and Schererville were re-opened. The mystery surrounding the closing has not yet been unravelled, but the manager at the Merrillville location, Jaime, assured me that the store would remain open. The Gazette hopes to interview the owner regarding the strange and sudden series of events.

Here is what we know so far. At least 8 restaurants throughout the state were closed. All of the restaurants served mexican food. All except La Carreta had apparent ties to a Georgia based company called El Rodeo Mexican Restaurants, Inc. That company is owned by Jose Melendez of Fortville, Indiana. All of the restaurants reopened on Wednesday.

We will keep you updated on new developments in the matter.

Margaritas flow again at La Carreta

Brianna Surowiec and Jackie White enjoy signature strawberry margaritas at La Carreta on Thursday.