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Man Charged in Murder of Former Lowell Resident

27 Dec interstate 80 94 accident

by Ken Davidson

New details are emerging in the December 20, 2013 killing of an Indianapolis area woman and her daughter. Marylyn Erb and Kelley M Erb were found in their Westfield, Indiana home by husband and father Thomas Erb. Marylyn Erb is originally from Lowell, Indiana.

Police arrived on the scene to find that the two women had been bludgeoned to death and their 2011 Buick Enclave had been used as the getaway vehicle. Police reports indicate that credit cards were also taken in the murder robbery and police were able to obtain video footage of an individual in a pontiac grand prix using the credit cards at various stores. The police report states:

It was determined that Chase credit cards were stolen during the home invasion and that those same credit cards were used at several locations during the afternoon hours of December 20, 2013. Video was obtained from several of these locations . . . The video shows a Pontiac Grand Prix pulling into the parking lot of the CVS.:

Police released video clips to the media and later received tips linking Christian Rene Haley to the crimes. An arrest was made and charges were filed in the matter on December 26, 2013. Police also were able to track a cell phone used by Haley to towers near the Erb home.

Those from the region who knew Marylyn Erb may leave their condolences at: http://www.legacy.com/guestbook/Batesville/guestbook.aspx?n=marylyn-erb&pid=168700621

Vigilant Citizen Helps Catch Serial Burglar in Lowell

12 Dec

by Ken Davidson

Lowell Police are reporting that they will charge Phillip Miley, age 31, with six counts of burglary after a resident reported suspicious activity.  In a release, the Lowell Police Department stated that a citizen saw a suspicious male with a backpack in the early morning hours of December 9.  The responding officer tracked footprints in the snow back to Miley’s residence.  A search warrant was obtained for Miley’s current and former residences.  Police discovered property from several previous burglaries in those searches.   The Lowell Police Department credited citizen awareness in the apprehension of the suspect:

This case is an example of an alert citizen and good police work leading to the apprehension of a menace to the town. Without the public’s support, these types of property crimes are very difficult to solve.

Gazette readers are encouraged to remain vigilant in watching for suspicious activity in your neighborhoods.  Crime watch is a great place to learn about the things going on in your neighborhood.  If you need information on your local crime watch, feel free to drop us a line and we will post that information here.