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Still No Charges for Thomas "TJ" Snow

27 Dec Clifford and Joyce Snow

by Ken Davidson

On October 21, Sheriff John Buncich held a press conference naming Thomas “TJ” Snow as the lead suspect in the death of beloved teacher Cliff Snow and his wife Joyce. The couple were found in their rural home on October 18, 2013 after a call for a welfare check from their out of state daughter. Officers reportedly discovered a grizzly scene upon arrival at the home. Later reports indicated that the couple were beaten and strangled but an official cause of death has yet to be announced. Thomas Snow was apprehended in Minnesota after a short police chase on October 18. Snow waived extradition to Indiana on October 22, 2013 and was transported to the Newton County Jail on December 11, 2013. Since that time, officials have been mum on details regarding the case. The Gazette has learned, however, that charges have yet to be filed in the matter. Snow has an unrelated warrant from Lake County which will hold him if he is released from Newton County. Snow would be eligible for bond on both charges absent filing of the murder charges.

The Lake County Sheriff still seeks information from anyone who may have had communication with Thomas J. Snow during the period October 4 through October 18, 2013. Anyone with such information should call the Lake County Sheriff at 219.755.3371

Fugate Found in Cooler at Piatak Meats

4 Nov

by Ken Davidson


The office of Merrilee Frey is confirming that a body was found in the cooler at Piatak Meats, 6200 Broadway in Merrillville.  27 year old Andrew Fugate, the son of co-owner Steve Fugate, reportedly arrived at the store at 4:00 a.m. to begin his workday.  Sources confirm that his body was found at 7:00 a.m. when another employee showed up for work.  The Coroner confirms that the case is being treated as a homicide.  Sources close to the investigation have stated that Fugate was shot but the Gazette has been unable to confirm that with authorities.  Merrillville Police are being assisted by Sheriff John Buncich in the investigation.

Police are asking anyone who drove by the store between 4:00 am and 7:00 am to contact them at 219-769-3722.

Homicide investigation at Piatek Meats

Homicide investigation at Piatek Meats


TJ Snow Waives Extradition, Awaiting Transport to Newton County

22 Oct

by Ken Davidson


thomas tj snow

Mugshot of Thomas TJ Snow who is currently in custody in Hawley, Minnesota

Minnesota Court records indicate that Thomas J. Snow waived extradition in Clay County Minnesota at yesterday’s hearing.  Newton County officials did not have details as to when he would arrive in Indiana but were aware of the hearing results.  TJ Snow will be transported to Newton County to face armed robbery charges for allegedly robbing a gas station on Route 10 on Thursday October 17.  Lake County Sheriff John Buncich has named TJ Snow a suspect in the deaths of popular Morton High School teacher Clifford Snow and his wife Joyce Snow.  TJ Snow has not yet been charged in that case but will be brought back to Lake County to face an unrelated felony charge of fleeing police.

The Gazette will keep you posted on the details of the case as they progress.

Charge Information
Charges: Snow, Thomas Jeffrey Statute Level Date
1. Fugitive from Justice from Other State 629.13 Felony 10/18/2013
Events & Orders of the Court
Disposition (Judicial Officer: Vaa, Galen J.)

1. Fugitive from Justice from Other State

Extradition waived
10/21/2013 Extradition Document
10/21/2013 Acknowledgement of Rights
10/21/2013 Extradition Hearing  (11:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Vaa, Galen J.)Result: Held
10/21/2013 Waiver of Extradition (Judicial Officer: Vaa, Galen J. )
10/21/2013 Affidavit of Mailing (Judicial Officer: Vaa, Galen J. )

TJ Snow Lead Suspect in Parent's Murder

21 Oct

by Ken Davidson

Thomas TJ Snow is in custody in Hawley, Minnesota after being arrested on a warrant for robbery stemming from a gas station robbery in Newton County, Indiana on Thursday October 17. Sheriff John Buncich confirmed that TJ Snow is officially a suspect in his parent’s death and has been questioned. Buncich described Snow as willing to talk to detectives but stated he has not confessed nor has he been charged. Sheriff Buncich asks that anyone who may have had contact with TJ Snow in the time between October 4 and October 18 to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 219-755-3371.

This update is live from the courthouse and further details will be provided as soon as possible. You can read the Gazette’s full cooverage of the Snow murders on our home page at The Northwest Indiana Gazette.

tom tj snow

Tom TJ Snow is considered a suspect in the murders of Clifford and Joyce Snow.

Sheriff Buncich Announces 3 Successful Drug Raids; Seizure of Weapons and Drugs

15 Oct

by Ken Davidson



Sheriff John Buncich

Sheriff John Buncich stands in front of over $700,000 seized drugs.

Standing in front of a cache of weapons and drugs this morning, Sheriff Buncich gave credit to his undercover and interdiction teams for 3 separate incidents of “good police work.”  The first of the three events involved a mother who was purchasing guns for her sons aged 18-21 in Gary’s Glen Park neighborhood according to Buncich.  Buncich explained that a home was raided in the Glen Park neighborhood after surveillance indicated that members of the street gang “Get Fresh Boys” were engaging in criminal activity at the residence. The names of the suspects are not being released at this time according to Buncich because the investigation continues.  Among the items seized in that raid were high powered rifles and handguns.  Computers were also seized.  Buncich stated that the investigation continues with the forensic unit analyzing the computer, ATF analyzing the weapons, and other teams utilizing other intel obtained in the raids.

seized weapons Gary, IN

shandguns and rifles seized by Lake County Sheriff’s officers in a raid in Glen Park Gary, IN

On Thursday, Sheriff’s officers raided homes in Hobart and Gary.  Officers arrested Corey Reed and an unnamed female at the Hobart residence where they also seized cocaine with a street value over $200,000, $38,000 in cash and a late model vehicle according to Sheriff Buncich.  Charges have been filed against both Reed and the female.

On Friday the interdiction team, a group of officers which Buncich described as “specially trained to spot drug traffickers”, stopped a pickup truck with Ohio plates on 80-94 near Ripley Street.  The owner of the vehicle consented to a search and police discovered marijuana with a street value of over $500,000 according to Buncich.   Arrested were Francisco Martinez and Miguel Perez.  Buncich stated that the men admitted they had been paid $1,000 to transport the marijuana and the final destination was Cleveland.

Lake County Sheriff Seizes Cocaine

Cocaine seized by Lake County Sheriff from a Hobart home on Thursday

gary indiana drug raid nets weapons, drugs

cache of weapons, drugs and paraphernalia seized by Lake County sheriff in Gary, Hobart drug raids