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Coroner Identifies 24 Y.O. Trammel Harper, Gary Homicide Victim

28 Dec interstate 80 94 accident

by Ken Davidson

The office of Lake County Coroner Merrilee Frey has confirmed that the victim in a December 27 homicide as 24 year old Trammel Harper of Gary.  The report states that coroner investigators were called to the 2200 block of Georgia Street at 9:40 pm.  The cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds.

At approximately 9:00 p.m. the Gazette began receiving reports of a homicide in the 2100 block of Georgia Street in Gary. Gary police were reportedly searching for a suspect in a late model grand prix.  King Carter was the first to report this incident. Others have subsequently verified it, including family members of the victim.

King Carter has since reported that the driver of the Grand Prix was apprehended.  We have not received confirmation of that from the Gary Police Department at this time.


Merry Christmas . . .

25 Dec A Christmas Story Comes Home

The Northwest Indiana Gazette wishes each and every one of you a Merry Christmas. We pray that there is no news today that is important enough to warrant breaking this solemn occasion. We celebrate the birth of Christ in our homes and we welcome those who join us in doing so. We also welcome those who do not, and simply hope that today may be a day of peace and reflection on the message of redemption that Jesus Christ brought. So to the non-Christian we say Merry Christmas in the spirit of love, redemption and hope. Lets move on to 2014 in peace, having turned the mistakes of 2013 into lessons.

Half a Billion Dollars . . .What Would You Do?

17 Dec

by Ken Davidson

The Mega Millions jackpot is truly mega this week, climbing to $636,000,000  If claimed by a single winner, the jackpot would set the current record for a single winner.  A Florida woman won $590M in the Powerball this year, setting a record for any lottery prize worldwide.  Skillful investing by the winner could gain him or her an entry into Forbes 400 Wealthiest List.  One would have to double the original take in order to make the list in today’s terms.

Despite the long odds, the potential mega prize has men dreaming of Ferrari’s and women dreaming of  . . . well whatever they dream of when they think about money.  What would you do if you won over half a billion dollars?  A unique home in the Carribean?  Become a benefactor to the less fortunate?  A savior to animals?

In my lottery dreaming I came across this site that may be of interest to the winner:  http://www.privateislandsonline.com/islands

Let us know in the comments.



Gibson Woods Sees Maintenance to Eliminate Invasive Plants

17 Dec

by Ken Davidson

Few people realize the value of Gibson Woods in Hessville.  The 131 acre property which sits amid railroad and oil properties on Hessville’s northwest corner is as close as any of us will get to viewing the region as it was before development.  The area has remained largely untouched for 4,000 years and is the among the largest tracts of untouched land remaining.  Gibson Woods is perhaps best known worldwide for its diverse variety of plants including some that are endangered.  The park features 3 hiking trails which are popular with bird and plant enthusiasts.

Preservation of the diverse plant life is now cause for modern machinery to visit the premises.  Large scale equipment for the removal of trees can be seen from the park entrance.  Numerous trucks are on hand as well.  This is all due to a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to eliminate invasive species and foster the growth of natural habitat.

gibson woods trail

a trail at Gibson Woods in Hammond, IN traverses a natural swale.

gibson woods nature preserve indiana dunes

Construction crews remove invasive trees from Gibson Woods.


gibson woods

gibson woods


The US Environment Protection Agency features a picture of a yellow moccasin plant from Hammond’s Gibson Woods on its website.


Lake Station Talk on FB, Focusing on the Positive

14 Dec

by Ken Davidson

Bill Stearns is happy about progress being made in Lake Station and is not happy about all the spam, negativity and name calling in many of the Facebook groups.  So he formed his own.  According to Stearns, the mission of the Lake Station Talk Facebook page is to “give people good & uplifting things to say. He hopes to bypass the negativity & have search engines pick up on his page’s positive posts & comments.”  Stearns explains:

Anyone can make a group or a page & slap a name on it. Some are monitored by the administrator of the page/group. Many of these self made pages & groups are unmonitored or controlled at all. Search engines gather information from all over the internet, Facebook included. These pages represent Lake Station. It is up to the creator of the page what type of content will be acceptable on their group/page.


His group is open to anyone. Stop by the group & see what is going on.

Lake Station Talk

Lake Station, IN Talk

Lake Station Talk brings a positive message about Lake Station IN to its members.

Neighborhood Watch Help Thwart robbery In Lowell

11 Dec

Our sources report There was a break-in today by three creeks school.. thanks to an alert neighborhood watch, the county police and a great canine dog…..two people where apprehended. Just off burr st. and joe martin..
will update when we find out more.

Lake County Animal Shelter Hosts Visitor from North Pole

7 Dec Lake County Animal Control gives a holiday welcome

by Ken Davidson

The Lake County Animal Sheriff’s Animal Control and Adoption Center had an out of town visitor today. Santa Claus himself travelled from the North Pole to Crown Point to pose for pictures with pets of fans of the shelter. Many of the animals who came in for photos had been rescued from the shelter in years past. In getting their pictures taken, participants supported the future of the shelter as all proceeds went to medical treatment for the dogs. Photography services were donated by Nina G Photography. Nina G. works tirelessly for the rescue of animals and we hope that you will give her a like on Facebook.

The Animal Adoption Center still needs donations and has published the following wish list:

1. Purina Tidy Cats non-clumping litter
2. Counbry Value dog food
3. Country Value cat food
4. Purina Kitten Chow
5. Laundry detergent (HE)
6. Paper towels/bath towels
7. Clorox disinfecting wipes
8. monetary donations for medical care and spay/nueter
9. Gift cards

If you wish to help the shelter you can stop by at 3011 W. 93rd in Crown Point (in northwest corner of lot of government center) or call 219.769.7016 for more information.

obe terrea fowler

Obe is escorted by his human companion Terrea Fowler as he waits in line to get his picture taken with Santa.