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The Times Staff Reads the Gazette

11 Nov

by Ken Davidson


Mayor McDermott likes to warn people not to get their news from an “online news source” but apparently the staff at The Times does just that.  Once again The Times has picked up on one of our stories without giving us any credit.  Those who follow the Gazette will remember that they reported on the Hammond Police Officer’s house shooting about a week after we did.  They sort of picked up on the Cal Ripken comment story a  week late also.  Never mind that they SPONSORED the event and actually heard the comments.  They didn’t think it was news until we reported it.

Now they are picking up on a story third-hand without providing credit to The Gazette or CNET.  The Times reported today on the LG G2 theft in Gary as if it was their original crack reporting that broke the story.  To make matters worse, they even pilfered the original CNET theme of a possible delay in launch of the phone due to the theft.

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