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Still No Charges for Thomas "TJ" Snow

27 Dec Clifford and Joyce Snow

by Ken Davidson

On October 21, Sheriff John Buncich held a press conference naming Thomas “TJ” Snow as the lead suspect in the death of beloved teacher Cliff Snow and his wife Joyce. The couple were found in their rural home on October 18, 2013 after a call for a welfare check from their out of state daughter. Officers reportedly discovered a grizzly scene upon arrival at the home. Later reports indicated that the couple were beaten and strangled but an official cause of death has yet to be announced. Thomas Snow was apprehended in Minnesota after a short police chase on October 18. Snow waived extradition to Indiana on October 22, 2013 and was transported to the Newton County Jail on December 11, 2013. Since that time, officials have been mum on details regarding the case. The Gazette has learned, however, that charges have yet to be filed in the matter. Snow has an unrelated warrant from Lake County which will hold him if he is released from Newton County. Snow would be eligible for bond on both charges absent filing of the murder charges.

The Lake County Sheriff still seeks information from anyone who may have had communication with Thomas J. Snow during the period October 4 through October 18, 2013. Anyone with such information should call the Lake County Sheriff at 219.755.3371

TJ Snow Waives Extradition, Awaiting Transport to Newton County

22 Oct

by Ken Davidson


thomas tj snow

Mugshot of Thomas TJ Snow who is currently in custody in Hawley, Minnesota

Minnesota Court records indicate that Thomas J. Snow waived extradition in Clay County Minnesota at yesterday’s hearing.  Newton County officials did not have details as to when he would arrive in Indiana but were aware of the hearing results.  TJ Snow will be transported to Newton County to face armed robbery charges for allegedly robbing a gas station on Route 10 on Thursday October 17.  Lake County Sheriff John Buncich has named TJ Snow a suspect in the deaths of popular Morton High School teacher Clifford Snow and his wife Joyce Snow.  TJ Snow has not yet been charged in that case but will be brought back to Lake County to face an unrelated felony charge of fleeing police.

The Gazette will keep you posted on the details of the case as they progress.

Charge Information
Charges: Snow, Thomas Jeffrey Statute Level Date
1. Fugitive from Justice from Other State 629.13 Felony 10/18/2013
Events & Orders of the Court
Disposition (Judicial Officer: Vaa, Galen J.)

1. Fugitive from Justice from Other State

Extradition waived
10/21/2013 Extradition Document
10/21/2013 Acknowledgement of Rights
10/21/2013 Extradition Hearing  (11:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Vaa, Galen J.)Result: Held
10/21/2013 Waiver of Extradition (Judicial Officer: Vaa, Galen J. )
10/21/2013 Affidavit of Mailing (Judicial Officer: Vaa, Galen J. )

Sheriff Buncich Confirms Details in Lowell Murders

21 Oct

by Ken Davidson

thomas tj snow

Mugshot of Thomas TJ Snow who is currently in custody in Hawley, Minnesota

A Mugshot of Thomas “TJ” Snow’s arrest in Minnesota hung on the wall as Sheriff John Buncich confirmed the details of the crime previously reported by the Gazette.

Sheriff John Buncich held a press conference today with Lake County Prosecutor Bernard Carter, Coroner Merrilee Frey and investigators Leo Finnerty and Matt Eaton. The sheriff confirmed that the bodies found in Lowell on Friday were those of popular Morton High School teacher Clifford Snow and Joyce Snow. Buncich stated the bodies were “in an advanced state of decomposition.” As previously reported by the Gazette, the cause of death was blunt force trauma and strangulation. The bodies were identified via dental records according to Coroner Frey.

Buncich explained that his office received a request to perform a welfare check on the Snows on Friday October 18. When officers arrived at the home they noticed 13 or 14 newspapers in the driveway. Officers forced entry into the home and discovered the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Snow.

Sheriff Buncich stated that there was evidence that Thomas TJ Snow had been “in and about” the residence subsequent to the deaths of his parents. Buncich explained that later investigation revealed that TJ Snow had used his parents credit cards subsequent to their deaths. When asked about the types of purchases Buncich responded “hotels, stores, etc.” Buncich said authorities would like to speak with anyone who may have had contact with TJ Snow during the period October 4-18.

An all points bulletin was issued for TJ Snow and a white Chevy HHR belonging to the deceased parents. Snow was arrested in Hawley, Minnesota on Saturday October 19. TJ attempted to flee from police after a routine traffic stop. Buncich described the apprehension as a “short pursuit after which Snow was taken into custody.” Officers traveled to Minnesota to speak with Snow. Buncich stated Snow was talking but had not confessed. He was scheduled to make a court appearance in Minnesota today.

Thomas Snow is officially a suspect in the deaths of his parents. He has not yet been charged. When asked about the procedures going forward, Prosecutor Bernard Carter explained that there are two warrants for the arrest of TJ Snow. Prosecutors in Newton County Indiana allege that Snow robbed a gas station on Route 10 on Thursday night. Additionally, there is a felony warrant for Thomas J. Snow for fleeing police in Lake County, Indiana that will allow officials here to hold him once he is released from Newton County.

Buncich credited Commander Eaton, the crime scene investigation staff, and the office of the coroner and prosecutor for working continuously since Friday to solve this case. When asked if there were other suspects in the case Buncich replied “No, not at this time.”

Buncich stressed that this is an isolated incident of domestic abuse and should not cause concern in the community. Thomas TJ Snow has not been charged and is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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EXCLUSIVE: Strangulation Cause of Death in Lowell Homicides

20 Oct

by Ken Davidson

clifford snow lowell indiana murder

Lake County Police guard the residence of Cliff and Joyce Snow in Lowell

The Northwest Indiana Gazette has confirmed with sources close to the investigation of the Lowell double homicide that the cause of death was strangulation. Sources tell the Gazette that the bodies were wrapped in an area rug with a note, apparently left for a contractor expected to arrive, that said “Pardon the smell, we are having septic problems.”

Sources have also indicated that they are investigation claims that Thomas TJ Snow may have had a history of drug abuse dating back several years. A review of court records shows multiple convictions for theft and related offenses for a Thomas J. Snow. The Gazette cannot confirm that these court records belong to TJ Snow, the son of Mr. and Mrs Snow.

As reported earlier, the bodies are believed to be those of popular Morton High School shop teacher Cliff Snow and his wife Joyce Snow. Facebook posts indicate that family members have confirmed the identities of the victims.

See our other exclusive report: Did Son Tell Friends of Deaths on Thursday?

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RURAL RAMPAGE: Dbl Homicide in Lowell

20 Oct

by Ken Davidson


double homicide in Lowell

197th Place in Lowell Indiana was reportedly the scene of a double homicide.

Its the kind of place that people move to escape the crime of north Lake County.  In fact, the resident of the quiet 197th Avenue home was a popular Morton High School teacher.  Property records show that the home was owned by Clifford and Joyce Snow.  

The peace and tranqulity of the rural neighborhood was shattered on Friday by the sound of “Eagle 1”, the Lake County Police Helicopter, and police dogs scouring the area. After performing a welfare check at the middle class home on 197th, Police discovered two decomposed bodies that they believe were the victims of foul play. Police have not yet confirmed the names of the victims, stating they are awaiting positive identification through dental and DNA records.  The Gazette is working on a related story and will have an update shortly.

The full statement from the Lake County Sheriff is:

On October 18, 2013 at approximately 16:24 hours the Lake County Sheriff’s Department received a request for a welfare check on the residents of a home in the 14500 block of West 197th Avenue in unincorporated Lowell, Indiana. Upon arrival at the residence, officers found the decomposed bodies of two individuals within the residence. The Lake County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Investigation and CSI units are working with the Lake County Coroner’s Office to identify the individuals through dental records and DNA. Sheriff John Buncich stated,

We’re looking for a person of interest.” The case remains under investigation at this time.


BREAKING NEWS: Did Son Tell of Deaths on Thursday