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Prime Real Estate Growing Again, Hobart Office Now Open

31 Jul


Hobart, IN – July 8th, 2013 – When it seems that real estate brokerage firms are slimming down operations, closing the doors or selling out to competition, Prime Real Estate continues to grow. Prime Real Estate has opened its fifth location in Hobart, Indiana, on the Prime Corner Rt. 51 on 3rd and Main Street at 238 Main Street. Prime Real Estate currently has offices in Chicago and Naperville Illinois, as well as Schererville and Valparaiso Indiana. The Hobart location allows Prime Real Estate to serve both Lake and Porter County clients and agents much more comfortably and with better service as it is precisely midway between each of its Indiana offices.

Prime Real Estate is celebrating the opening of the new Hobart location with a charity special. For any new listings or new contracts for purchase during the months of August, September and October- 10% of Prime Real Estate’s net proceeds will be donated to the charity of our clients choosing. A public open house will be hosted on September 5th between the hours of 4 and 6pm. Please visit our website for information on our new divisions, our current specials, to meet our team, the area’s open houses or just to view what is available for sale in the Region and Greater Chicagoland areas.

About Prime Real
EstatePrime Real Estate is a full service real estate company offering thousands of residential and commercial properties for sale and lease
in the region and the Chicagoland area. As the most innovative real estate brokerage firm in Northwest Indiana, Prime has assembled a super talented team of specialists who are passionately devoted to advancing the real estate industry. Prime Real Estate takes
pride in their ability to apply modern advances in technology as well as maintain high educational and ethical standards. Through their commitment to quality, Prime Real Estate carefully guards its reputation for excellence.

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Gary Shakespeare Company

29 Jul

Gary Shakespeare Company

Methinks good folke may come to see King Lear in Gary….

Prompt Ambulance Transport Involved in Fire on Toll Road

29 Jul

Hammond Fire officials were dispatched the the scene of a vehicle fire involving a Prompt Ambulance transport on Saturday night. There were no injuries and  another ambulance was dispatched and the transport was completed without incident, according to Jerry Miller, Director of Operations for Prompt Ambulance.. The incident occurred at approximately 10:45 pm on Saturday night on the Indiana Toll Road in Hammond.
Miller stated that ambulance fires are very rare and that Prompt Ambulance has only experienced one other fire in Company history. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Indiana State Police Announce Sobriety Checkpoint 7/26

23 Jul

Porter County- The Lowell District of the Indiana State Police will be conducting a sobriety checkpoint during the late evening hours in Porter County on Friday, July 26, 2013. Drivers that encounter a check point will be required to produce a valid license and registration. Motorists that are not impaired can expect only short delays of 2-3 minutes while passing through the checkpoint. If all information is correct and there is no other reason to be detained, they will be released. After the check point, troopers will conduct roving saturation patrols, aggressively seeking impaired drivers throughout the district.

Troopers encourage all motorists to call 911 or the closest Indiana State Police Post when they observe another motorist that may be impaired. Be prepared to give a description of the vehicle, location and direction of travel.

The Indiana State Police are committed to traffic safety and will continue to conduct saturation patrols and sobriety checkpoints to apprehend impaired drivers and to deter others from dinking and driving.


Mayor’s Brothers, City Elite Hanging out at Aquavor

23 Jul

A glance at the Facebook page shows Mayor McDermott’s brothers, staff and Hammond Police officers partying it up at Hammond’s Aquavor. Janet Venecz, a McDermott appointee, has introduced a resolution which Aquavor staff say is designed to close the club.
Mayor’s Brother and Hammond Realtor Aaron McDermott


Philip Taillon Executive Director of Planning and Development at City of Hammond hangs out with the Aquavor gang before they became persona non grata in Hammond.  For full story, click here

Brett McDermott and Aaron McDermott, Mayor’s brothers and principals in Lattitude Realty.
Members of the HPD celebrate Halloween at Aquavor.

Hammond Council Gives $3.5M to Flossmoor Brewery, Virtually Closes Aquavor

23 Jul


July 22, 2013:  One nightclub is fighting the City for its survival as the Hammond City Council gave $3.5 Million to a brewpub to open.  Aquavor Nightclub remains open for business but the City has already placed No Parking after 11 PM signs all around the business.

The Hammond City Council gave final approval tonight to a Development Agreement with Hammond Station Restaurant and Brewery tonight.  Although the agreement was not available for review at the meeting, council members have previously stated that the Brewery would receive $3.5 Million to assist in construction of the estimated $10M facility.  Council Member Janet Venecz praised the Flossmoor location operated by the same company.  She stated she had visited the area around Christmas and was very impressed by the area.  Other councilman sang the praises of the proposed development, indicating it would be a jump start for development in the area.

Councilman Higgs was the sole member to question the project, although he ultimately voted in favor of it.  Higgs questioned why other areas of the City were not being developed, including the Woodmar Mall area.  Higgs also expressed concern over the plan by the developers to address hiring of minorities.  Construction is expected to begin as early as September.

There was no discussion as to how this subsidy to a restaurant/bar would affect struggling businesses in Hammond.  A copy of the development plan should be available for review by tomorrow and the Gazette will update this story at that time.

In other action, the City Council delayed action on a proposed ordinance that would ban parking in City lots after 11:00 p.m.  Despite this, signs have already been placed in the parking lots near downtown Hammond’s Aquavor Nightclub.  Club managers were present at the meeting but left when they saw the ordinance was not on the agenda.  They have repeatedly stated that this would close the nightclub which was once popular with City staff and politically connected individuals.  Aquavor remains open at this time.  You can find them on Facebook or at


The City Council held off on an ordinance prohibiting parking in City lots after 11:00 pm but signs have already been placed in all lots near Aquavor Night Club.

Front Porch Music Festival Aug 4 in Valparaiso

9 Jul

Front Porch Music Festival
Central Park Plaza
Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN 46383
Sunday, August 4th
3:00 PM – 10:00 PM





$10 Minimum Donation
$5 for Kids under 12

Advance Tickets on Sale at Front Porch Music 505 E. Lincolnway Valparaiso

Tribune Takes a Swing at Indiana With No Basis in Fact

9 Jul

Operator at 12 Pipestill Unit, Whiting Refinery Moderization Pro

The Chicago Tribune wants to kill jobs in Indiana and does not need facts to do it.  In typical politician/journalist fashion, The Chicago Tribune has taken up a fight started by Barack Obama during his short tenure as a US Senator-that BP in Whiting is dumping mercury into Lake Michigan.   Obviously, if this is true it is cause for alarm for all of us.  The Lake Michigan ecosystem is vital to life as we know it in Northwest Indiana.  

Those are the things on which we agree.  Without citing any sources, The Tribune article claims that 

Since 2005, BP has reported that the Whiting refinery’s treatment plant discharged between one-tenth of a pound and 2 pounds of mercury into the lake annually, according to state and federal records.”

I began my research with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).  The NRDC is a respected environmental organization that has pressured BP over releases of Air contaminants.  In fact, the NRDC was instrumental in a recent enforcement action that resulted in a fine of nearly $800M and promised upgrades by BP costing $400M or more (  The NRDC praises the tribune article as “investigative journalism” but says little else about it.  In fact, the NRDC fails to point out that the Tribune article is neither investigative nor journalism.  As NRDC points out:  “The news this time around is a mixed bag.  BP, to its credit (and our pleasant surprise), made good on its 2007 promise not to use the additional leeway in its 2007 permit for ammonia and solids discharge, and IDEM granted the company’s request to revert to the previous permit levels for those pollutants. . .The other sort-of good news is that BP contracted with Argonne National Laboratory and the Purdue-Calumet Water Institute in the intervening years to do some research on cutting-edge technologies to control the discharge of mercury to Lake Michigan.”

Despite several blog articles repeating the Tribune claim, I could find no reports indicating a 2 lb. discharge of mercury.  In fact, in 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, BP reported a release of .125 lbs of mercury.  Keep in mind that any amount of mercury is not good.  Nonetheless, more mercury enters our waterstream from CFL lightbulbs which environmentalists love.

So Why Is The Chicago Tribune pushing this story?  I would suggest the answer is complex.  First, the Chicago Tribune received awards and accolades from environmental groups and politicians for the 2007 article regarding BP.  Mass boycotts of BP put pressure on the company to make changes to the expansion plans even before the consent decree.  The Chicago Tribune rode the wave of that popularity.  Second, the expansion at the Whiting BP refinery is intended to enable BP to refine tar sand crude at that site.  Tar sand crude like that which will come from the Keystone Pipeline.  You remember the Keystone, that pipeline that environmentalists insist will cause the earth to boil over?


CTI Martial Arts Students Medal at McCormick

8 Jul

CTI School of Martial Arts has several students who have received medals at the USA Taekwondo National Championships. One Hammond Fighter still contending for Gold. CBS2 Chicago reports that a Gold Medal at this event could put participants in contention for the US Olympic Team. Those who have received medals so far are:

Jasmine Petika, 13 year old red belt – Silver medal
Tanya Castillo 10 year old blue belt – Silver Medal
Jacob Paulsen 17 year old blue belt – Silver medal
Kevin Luna 13 year old blue belt – bronze medal
Tito Prado 17 year old black belt – bronze medal


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Porter County Fair Features Hunter Hayes

8 Jul

The Porter County Fair begins from July 18 and provides non-stop family fun until July 27, 2013.  He apparently is Wanted because tickets for Hunter Hayes at the Porter County Fair are sold out. (Sources tell me they may be available online at a premium.) Hunter Hayes is the headliner to to this family fun fest but additional features include rides, 4-H exhibits and awards, family fun and music.  .  For more information you can go to The Porter County Fair website.