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Tribune Takes a Swing at Indiana With No Basis in Fact

9 Jul

Operator at 12 Pipestill Unit, Whiting Refinery Moderization Pro

The Chicago Tribune wants to kill jobs in Indiana and does not need facts to do it.  In typical politician/journalist fashion, The Chicago Tribune has taken up a fight started by Barack Obama during his short tenure as a US Senator-that BP in Whiting is dumping mercury into Lake Michigan.   Obviously, if this is true it is cause for alarm for all of us.  The Lake Michigan ecosystem is vital to life as we know it in Northwest Indiana.  

Those are the things on which we agree.  Without citing any sources, The Tribune article claims that 

Since 2005, BP has reported that the Whiting refinery’s treatment plant discharged between one-tenth of a pound and 2 pounds of mercury into the lake annually, according to state and federal records.”

I began my research with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).  The NRDC is a respected environmental organization that has pressured BP over releases of Air contaminants.  In fact, the NRDC was instrumental in a recent enforcement action that resulted in a fine of nearly $800M and promised upgrades by BP costing $400M or more (  The NRDC praises the tribune article as “investigative journalism” but says little else about it.  In fact, the NRDC fails to point out that the Tribune article is neither investigative nor journalism.  As NRDC points out:  “The news this time around is a mixed bag.  BP, to its credit (and our pleasant surprise), made good on its 2007 promise not to use the additional leeway in its 2007 permit for ammonia and solids discharge, and IDEM granted the company’s request to revert to the previous permit levels for those pollutants. . .The other sort-of good news is that BP contracted with Argonne National Laboratory and the Purdue-Calumet Water Institute in the intervening years to do some research on cutting-edge technologies to control the discharge of mercury to Lake Michigan.”

Despite several blog articles repeating the Tribune claim, I could find no reports indicating a 2 lb. discharge of mercury.  In fact, in 2011, the most recent year for which data is available, BP reported a release of .125 lbs of mercury.  Keep in mind that any amount of mercury is not good.  Nonetheless, more mercury enters our waterstream from CFL lightbulbs which environmentalists love.

So Why Is The Chicago Tribune pushing this story?  I would suggest the answer is complex.  First, the Chicago Tribune received awards and accolades from environmental groups and politicians for the 2007 article regarding BP.  Mass boycotts of BP put pressure on the company to make changes to the expansion plans even before the consent decree.  The Chicago Tribune rode the wave of that popularity.  Second, the expansion at the Whiting BP refinery is intended to enable BP to refine tar sand crude at that site.  Tar sand crude like that which will come from the Keystone Pipeline.  You remember the Keystone, that pipeline that environmentalists insist will cause the earth to boil over?


Open Door Church Celebrates 27 Years

9 Jul

An Open Door Church and Ministries will be celebrating 27 years of God’s Faithfulness. They invite you to celebrate with them at the following events:

Guest speaker Friday, July 12th at 7:30PM
Apostle Steven Garner of Rivers of Living Waters Intl.

Leadership Ministry Session Saturday, July 13th at 10:00AM
Sessions will be taught by Drs. Meredith and Marilyn Shackelford. Lunch will be served at Noon, cost $15.00 per person

Guest Speaker Sunday, July 14th at 10:00am
Apostle George Hutcherson of King of Glory Evg. from Omaha, Nebraska

Come and celebrate with Drs. Meredith and Marilyn Shackelford along with An Open Door Church as we celebrate 27 years of God’s Faithfulness.

CTI Martial Arts Students Medal at McCormick

8 Jul

CTI School of Martial Arts has several students who have received medals at the USA Taekwondo National Championships. One Hammond Fighter still contending for Gold. CBS2 Chicago reports that a Gold Medal at this event could put participants in contention for the US Olympic Team. Those who have received medals so far are:

Jasmine Petika, 13 year old red belt – Silver medal
Tanya Castillo 10 year old blue belt – Silver Medal
Jacob Paulsen 17 year old blue belt – Silver medal
Kevin Luna 13 year old blue belt – bronze medal
Tito Prado 17 year old black belt – bronze medal


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Hammond Optimist Youth Complex to Host World Series

7 Jul

Hammond Optimist Youth Sports Complex is pleased to announce that they are hosting the Cal Ripken 12-and-under World Series baseball tournament!

Mark your calendars for August 9 through August 16, 2013. Plan to attend the World Series at the Hammond Optimist Youth Sports Complex in Hammond, Indiana. Click on the Location link to your left for more information.

* Tickets For Sale*

* Tickets to attend the 12U World Series are now available.
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Family Tournament Pass regular price $50. (Good for 4 people.) Purchase a raffle ticket on line for $20 and save $10 on your game ticket purchase (25% savings)
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City of Hammond, Indiana Government

7 Jul

The City of Hammond, Indiana is a municipal corporation formed under Indiana Code. The current chief executive is Mayor Thomas M. McDermott, Jr ( There is a City Council consisting of 3 at-large members and 6 individual district members. <p)At-large members may live anywhere in the City and the current representatives are:<p>

Mayor Thomas M. McDermott, Jr.
Current Position: Chief Executive of the City of Hammond, Indiana
5925 Calumet Avenue
Hammond, Indiana 46320
Phone: 219-853-6301

Articles tagged with Mayor McDermott:

At-Large Council Members:

Robert A. Markovich
Dan Spitale
Janet Venecz

District 1 Council: Mark Kalwinski 219-933-7108
District 2 Council: Jack Uylaki (phone number not provided) 219-853-6404
District 3 Council: Anthony W. Higgs (phone number not provided) 219-853-6404
District 4 Council: William Emerson 219-937-1032
District 5 Council: Michael Opinker 219-844-7483
District 6 Council: Homero “Chico” Hinojosa 219-845-2359