Schererville Crime Watch Offers Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

21 Nov

A special thank you to Schererville Crime Watch for these great tips:

With the Christmas Shopping season upon us it is important to remembe the following tips:
1. Shop during daylight hours when possible.
2. Avoid wearing jewelry.
3. Do not carry a purse or wallet if possible.
4.Carry your identification and credit cards in a front pocket.
5. Stay Alert to your surroundings.
6. Avoid carrying cash.
7. Avoid overloading yourself with packages.
8. Be aware of strangers approaching you for any reason. Con-artists may
try to distract you with intentions of taking your money or belongings.
9. Before entering a parking lot prepare yourself to take action if need be. Have your keys out and survey the area around your vehicle. If possible let a loved one know that you are leaving the store and heading home.

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