Shots Fired Call Results in Pursuit, Ends in Crash

19 Nov

Reader Submitted:


Special thanks to Gazette reader Andrew who submitted the following information:

Something is happening in east Glen Park, I saw State Police in pursuit with Gary squads. It looked like the original stop was made by County. Gary squads are all over the area.
Shots fired! 700 block of east 39th Ave in Gary. Squads heading east towards Hobart. It looked like it was a county squad. Be on alert if you encouter police in this area, they are shooting.

Additional comments: The chase started after multiple shots were fired after the initial stop near 39th Ave and Carolina St and ended near Tennessee St with driver of the black Chrysler slamming into a tree in the front yard.

Stay tuned for updates on this story.  If you have information regarding this incident, please e-mail or use the submit a tip button above.

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gary, indiana police pursuit

a vehicle involved in a police pursuit in Gary ended in a crash.


One Response to “Shots Fired Call Results in Pursuit, Ends in Crash”

  1. Bob Delano via Facebook November 19, 2013 at 8:44 am #

    Andrew: the next Chuck Gowdie

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