Governor Mike Pence CommendsIndiana Biosciences Research

19 Nov

The Governor of Indiana posted on his websight today that the Research Institute for reaching a major funding milestone of $50 million from government, philanthropic and industry partners.
he states:
“The Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) is a bold idea whose time has come. It is poised to become the most industry-driven biosciences institute in the nation and promises to bring new discoveries in life sciences to market more quickly and effectively. Because of Indiana’s uniquely diverse life sciences sector, the IBRI is backed by global leaders in medical device technology, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals.

“Before the people of Indiana elected me Governor in 2012, I joined Indiana’s life sciences leaders in pledging my support for the IBRI. I worked with the General Assembly to secure $25 million in state seed support on the condition that it be matched by private dollars. I am pleased that the $25 million match has been met, and I commend IBRI’s partners for stepping up and ensuring that the institute has $50 million in total startup funding as we head into 2014.”


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