Allstate Insurance Provides Tips for Inspecting Storm Damaged Homes

19 Nov

Gazette Staff


NORTHBROOK, Ill., Nov. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Residents should be very careful
when returning home following the severe tornadoes that struck the Midwest over the
weekend. Once it is safe to do so, Allstate recommends homeowners carefully inspect
their homes for possible signs of tornado damage, and that people pay particular
attention to the following areas:

Look for wall cracks in spots where there were no cracks before. Cracks of a quarter
inch or more are signs walls may have shifted or settled. Look carefully around
windows and doors because these are typically the weakest spots in a home's

Make sure to closely check rooms not regularly used.

Look outside for physically visible, new cracks in the home's foundation. Look
inside for changes in the levelness of floors. Changes in the level of the floor
could be signs of a lift in the home's foundation.

Inspect plumbing. Look closely around the water heater and/or water softener for
signs of water leaks that did not exist before. Flush all toilets, turn on all of
the water faucets, and check connecting pipes for any leaking water.

In the days or weeks after a tornado, check walls and ceilings for water stains or
yellowing that did not exist before. It could indicate damage on the roof.

Carefully inspect the outside gutters. Damaged gutters could cause water damage
inside the home long after the actual gutter damage occurs.

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