Dunes, 20 Other Parks to Close for Deer Hunting/Reduction

5 Nov

by Ken Davidson

In DNR announces Deer Reduction TimesIndiana Dunes State Park and 20 other state parks will close for a deer reduction on November 17 through the 19 and December 1 through the  3rd.   Parks will close the evening of November 17 and December 1 to prepare for the reductions to occur the following mornings.   In a statement, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources explained:

DNR biologists evaluate which parks require a reduction each year based on habitat recovery and previous harvest rates at each park. The state parks are home to more than 32 state-endangered plants and numerous significant natural communities. The reductions help control browsing by deer to a level that helps maintain habitat throughout the state parks for all plants and animals.

In order to participate in the reductions, individuals must be over 18, have a  and have any valid license to take deer in Indiana. Indiana residents who possess an Indiana lifetime license to take deer are also eligible. Participants must wear a hunter orange hat or cap and vest, coat, jacket or coveralls at all times while on the property.

Other properties affected include Brown County, Chain O’Lakes, Charlestown, Clifty Falls, Fort Harrison, Harmonie, Lincoln, McCormick’s Creek, Ouabache, Pokagon, Potato Creek, Prophetstown, Shades, Shakamak, Spring Mill, Summit Lake, Tippecanoe, Turkey Run, Versailles, and Whitewater Memorial.

For more information visit the Indiana Department of Fish and Wildlife

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