Hessville Woman Airlifted After Fall From Second Story

2 Nov

by Ken Davidson


A helicopter set down at Morton High School at approximatley 9:00 p.m. tonight after a woman fell from a second story window in a nearby home.  The woman, who’s name is not being released, was reportedly changing a window when she fell.  Her parents, who also live at that address, called 911.  The school was used as a landing spot because of the wide open parking lot and the danger of nearby power lines at a location nearer the home.  Witnesses reported that the woman appeared to be unable to move after the fall.  She was airlifted to an undisclosed hospital in Chicago.

hessville woman airlifted

Hessville woman airlifted after fall from window.


One Response to “Hessville Woman Airlifted After Fall From Second Story”

  1. tmlutas November 4, 2013 at 6:21 pm #

    Something to realize, the folks over at Methodist Hospitals wanted to upgrade our hospital services in Lake County so patients like this one would have a shorter airlift and better outcomes. With the reduced reimbursements that Obamacare/ACA is bringing (you can see them coming in the 2013 Medicare Trustees report) that dream is likely deferred. All their pennies are going to survive this very rough transition.

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