A Little Democratic Humor for You

30 Oct

by Ken Davidson


Seems Rich James has forgotten who pays his salary.  Yesterday he angered Lake County Democratic Boss Thomas McDermott by saying he sounded “almost like a republican.”  McDermott, who actually used to be a republican before he decided it was easier to win as a Democrat, fired back via Facebook:

Rich James calls me a Republican in today’s column. This type of protection, of the status quo, is to be expected of an old guard Democrat, like Rich James. Some people would do anything to go back to the glory days, even compromise their values. For those that speak up, off with their heads! Either that, or just label them a Republican

For purposes of full disclosure, I have to admit that someone sent this to me.  You see, Tom McDermott, who heartily criticized Governor Pence over deleting Facebook posts, deletes any Facebook “friend” who disagrees with him on anything.  His page is a veritable love fest of city employees and democrats who live outside the City of Hammond.

No worries though Chairman, James jumped right back into line today and wrote another peace, love and harmony article about your hand-picked Mayor of Crown Point.  No mention of the fact that Aaron McDermott sits on Crown Point’s Economic Development Corporation.

3 Responses to “A Little Democratic Humor for You”

  1. MX 🙂

  2. as a lifelong Democrat and liberal… I find it disconcerting that the dysfunctional Democratic Party of Lake County has forced me to vote Republican — yes, vote for Mitch Daniels and Mike Pence ( against my own personal best interests or safety) in order to have the State of Indiana force the City of Gary to clean up their crap.

    And, thank you Gov Pence, for telling the current Mayor that it was less than judicious to appoint a convicted felon to the commander of the swat unit on the GPD.

    the Lake County Democrats need to stop doin’ the ‘same ole, same ole’ . It’s tired and doesn’t work anymore and they’ve lost me.

  3. Anonymous at 9:27 pm #

    The people at the home who take care of Rich James gave him his meds and got him back on track as a shill for the Lake County Machine.

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