Mary Elgin’s Township Mafia

20 Oct

Submitted by
Gary Free-Press

What more does one need to see through the BS? Her agency is supposed to be doing one thing and one thing only: providing relief to the poor and those in need in emergencies. Her agency is NOT supposed to be a virtual slush fund from which her cronies and friends gorge themselves at the public trough.

There can be no better example of local government gone wild. An annual review of the legal advertisement that lists all of the expenditures of her agency reads like an report of all of the political families in the city. I never knew we had so many “businesses” in Gary. It seems that just about everyone you can think of has created a business for the sole purpose of providing some sort of “service” to the Township.

But the reality is much different than this. Last year, nearly 70% of the money the Township received went towards administration costs. This is outrageous; even by Gary terms. Some of this may be explained by her choice in accountants. What would possess someone to select the exact same accountant that was the accountant for the notoriously failed GUEA organization to do their books? One would think that once it was discovered that an accountant was so asleep at the wheel that he missed everything disappearing from GUEA, that he would be banned from the profession altogether; and certainly not be Elgin’s first choice for fiscal advice and professional accounting services. But then again, maybe it is his GUEA experience that influenced her choice. If I were doling out money to all of my friends and cronies, I would want an accountant that had a track record of being blind, deaf, and dumb also.

And furthermore, the Township apparently plans to not comply with the requirements of the State legislation, HB 1585, that allows Griffith to secede from Calumet Township and either form a new township or join another existing township, as they passed the same budget as they did last year. The budget they just passed is not in compliance with the requirements of the legislation.

Finally, the curtain that this outmoded organization has been hiding behind for decades, is being pulled open. What has been exposed is an organization rife with graft, cronyism, political favoritism, and is a poster child for fiscal waste.

It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is a mafia masquerading as an organization to help the poor. And Mary Elgin is the current head of this organization. Can’t she see the problems? Or is it that she doesn’t want to see its problems?

Any high school freshman could recognize the problems. Why can’t her ace accountant, Curtis Whittaker see them?

If the State launched an investigation into the Township which would include a full forensic audit, the notorious GUEA organization’s failures and foibles would be eclipsed by the decades-long period during which this agency has been wasting and misappropriating money. Lots and lots of money!


One Response to “Mary Elgin’s Township Mafia”

  1. Anonymous October 20, 2013 at 5:45 am #

    Why would she want to see the problems? She is part of the problem. Seventy plus percent in administrative fees for Calumet Township?

    It is all about a voting block.

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