Pence Signs Executive Order Establishing Office of State Based Initiatives

30 Jul

Indianapolis – Among attendees of today’s Evansville Rotary Club
luncheon, Governor Mike Pence kicked off “Hoosier Solutions Week” and
signed Executive Order 13-20, which transforms the existing Office of
Federal Grants and Procurement into the Office of State-Based
Initiatives (OSBI).

Governor Pence is spending this week talking to Hoosiers across the
state about finding Hoosier solutions to the problems caused by
Washington, D.C. and the federal government. In 2012, the federal
government collected $51.2 billion from Hoosier taxpayers and
businesses. This year, forty-nine state departments and agencies will
receive almost 20 percent of that money in the form of federal grants,
stipends, and programs that often come with expensive, burdensome
mandates and regulations that stifle ingenuity, cost Hoosier
taxpayers, and hamstring Hoosier businesses.

“I’ve long held the belief that Hoosiers hold the key to releasing
Indiana from federally-created mandates and regulations that undermine
state sovereignty and hinder economic growth,” said Governor Pence.
“With the assistance of the Office of State-Based Initiatives, Indiana
will work to untangle itself from burdensome federal policies, seek to
increase state innovation, and ultimately strive to persuade the
federal government to return to the principles of federalism.”

The OSBI will be tasked with coordinating with state agencies to
perform a cost-benefit analysis on every federal grant opportunity;
ensuring each agency has a block grant contingency plan; tracking the
costs of federal regulations by studying data, surveying businesses,
and talking to Hoosiers; and publishing an annual study of these costs
and sharing it with Indiana’s Congressional Delegation.

In his speech, Governor Pence said that by quantifying the costs of
federal regulations and informing Congress about them, the OSBI “will
help, over the long run, reduce federal regulatory burdens on state
and local governments, taxpayers and Hoosier businesses.”


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