Input Needed: IN Dept. of Health Seeks Comment on Regulation of Non-Profit Food Safety

30 Jul

The Indiana Department of Health seeks public input on food safety requirements that would be applied to Indiana Churches and non-profit organizations.  As explained by intern Dan Schlenk, the gathering of information was requested by the Indiana Legislature: 

 Last year’s legislature asked us to prepare a recommendation as to what the law(s) should be concerning the requirements for non-profit entities to have a certified food handler on staff/present during events. In order to gain insight from the public, affected organizations, and local officials alike, we have published an online survey

The Northwest Indiana Gazette encourages all Indiana residents to participate in the short survey and to share this story with friends, family and others who may be affected.  The survey can be accessed directly here:


One Response to “Input Needed: IN Dept. of Health Seeks Comment on Regulation of Non-Profit Food Safety”

  1. Barbara Slade July 30, 2013 at 5:06 pm #

    When churches have fund raisers with the intent to aide charitable organizations its ludicrous to expect them to have licensed food handlers on staff. All the monies intended for charity will be wasted on paying the food handlers and seriously diminish the money intended for charity, if our dedicated volunteers aren’t good enough to prepare the healthy foods we serve then you’re destroying the chance of getting anyone to participate in the fundraiser; therefore, hurting the charities we serve.

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