City of Hammond, Indiana Government

7 Jul

The City of Hammond, Indiana is a municipal corporation formed under Indiana Code. The current chief executive is Mayor Thomas M. McDermott, Jr ( There is a City Council consisting of 3 at-large members and 6 individual district members. <p)At-large members may live anywhere in the City and the current representatives are:<p>

Mayor Thomas M. McDermott, Jr.
Current Position: Chief Executive of the City of Hammond, Indiana
5925 Calumet Avenue
Hammond, Indiana 46320
Phone: 219-853-6301

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At-Large Council Members:

Robert A. Markovich
Dan Spitale
Janet Venecz

District 1 Council: Mark Kalwinski 219-933-7108
District 2 Council: Jack Uylaki (phone number not provided) 219-853-6404
District 3 Council: Anthony W. Higgs (phone number not provided) 219-853-6404
District 4 Council: William Emerson 219-937-1032
District 5 Council: Michael Opinker 219-844-7483
District 6 Council: Homero “Chico” Hinojosa 219-845-2359


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